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Designpip offers an extensive range of design services. Let’s discuss your requirements, today.

Distinctive, branding

Now’s not the time to be hesitant.

The positioning of your brand is the foundation to the success of your business. Potential leads need to feel your professionalism and experience to reinforce their belief that buying your product or service is the solution to their problem.

Your business stands in a unique place in a competitive market, so forging a brand that encapsulates your offering, values and goals, and elevates them above your competitors, takes skill and experience.

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. Building a brand together ensures future work is embedded with a deeper understanding of your business’s goals, values and what makes your clients and customers tick.

So, whether you need branding for a new business, or a brand refresh, now is not the time to hesitate.

Brand strategy
Visual identity
Art direction
Campaign creation
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We can offer a selection of different ways to create or brand assets and guidelines depending on your company size and structure.

Beautiful, high performing websites

The digital world is vast and forever changing.

Your website needs to work for you.

We start by holding a workshop to clarify everything we need to know about your project.

We then develop an architecture for your site, showing the structure of the pages and a series of wireframes demonstrating the functionality, user experience (UX) and client or customer journey.

Whether we’re using a new brand identity we’ve created or your existing one, we’ll make sure all design and content elements fit your brand narrative to produce a compelling site that connects with your audience.

All our sites are easy to maintain and update, and we provide full training so you can feel confident about taking ownership.

Talk to us today about how we can get your new website designed and built, and working for you!

Information architecture
UX Design
Web design
Web build
Social media design
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We can offer a selection of different web building platforms we'll suggest the best solution depending on the complexity of your site and your ambitions.

Clear, creative thinking

Are your creative assets connecting with your clients?

Misfiring, poorly communicated messaging is unsustainable.

We bring creativity into every project, it’s what drives us on. The clarity of thought we put into every project is what keeps clients coming back. 

At the start of any project, we can discuss what you want to achieve. We can then establish what elements are required, eg. photography, illustration, infographics, animation, etc.

We can manage any third-party suppliers to get the job done. Whether it’s booking photographers, briefing illustrators or sourcing a copywriter, we know which of the trusted and talented connections we’ve built up over the years to commission.

Whatever your creative challenges, we have them covered.

Let’s get that new project out of your in-tray!

Layout and editorial
Motion graphics
Social assets
Messaging and copy
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We have worked with some brilliantly talented creatives from the industry such as photographers, animators and writers.

Bulletproof and futureproof

Your creative challenges appear in many forms.

From time-sensitive opportunities to respond to events to outdated practices you're struggling to break free from, you need to be proactive and always ready for change.

You are spread thin, and your team's swamped. So let us get active on your behalf.

All our clients are unique, and their consultancy needs reflect this. Our experience, knowledge, and dedication mean we consult with our clients to solve diverse challenges.

We've got the time if you haven't. We have the experience if you don't. We'll find those who can if we can't already.

Let's talk about making your life easier.

In-house or agency training
Web training
Brand development
Brand direction
Navigating the digital landscape
UX reporting
Trend reporting
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Let's see how we can help you, if you want to meet for a coffee or have a call then get in touch.
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